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Snorebond is the UK's number 1 anti-snore laboratory where we offer the most effective stop snoring solutions that will put an end to your snoring problem. Here you will find:
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We Are The Stop Snoring Experts

As a group of experienced dental mechanics with over 35 years of experience we have come to understand that snoring can have a devastating impact on both the snorer and their partner.

Although we tend to treat the issue of snoring with a degree of humour, many people fail to realise the detrimental physical and psychological affect that snoring can have on a person’s lifestyle.

“Did you know that snoring is one of the leading causes of marital breakdown in Western societies?”

Yes! This is completely true and is the result of both sleep deprivation and the emotional and physical distance created between a couple through sleeping separately. This is what inspired us to develop our the Snorebond Ultra Anti-Snore Mouthpiece, a self fitted device that stops snoring through gently adjusting the positioning of the jaw so as to prevent the contact of the soft tissues that produce the snoring sound.

In fact, the Snorebond Ultra Anti-Snore Mouthpiece is so effective that research conducted by the British Orthodontic society demonstrates that this type of treatment is one of the very few clinically proven snoring cures that does not involve resorting to surgery.

To find out more about the Snorebond Ultra Anti-Snore Mouthpiece device please visit our about us page where you will further details about us and how our product works.

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What Our Customers Say

“Until recently my partner’s snoring problem was so severe that we were forced to sleep in separate rooms. A friend of mine recommended Snorebond and now we are both sleeping soundly in the same bed!

Jan from Skipton

How We Can Help

What is snoring? Why do we snore? What type of snorer am I? What are the most effective treatments for snoring? Where can I purchase the best quality anti-snoring products? How can I stop snoring forever?

These are just some of the questions that we provide expertly written answers and solutions too, along with access to the most innovative stop snoring products that are designed to eliminate snoring from your life forever. We aim to provide you with all you need to know about snoring and how to overcome this life-altering condition as we believe that gaining an understanding of the problem is part of the solution.

If you require any information or advice with concerning your snore problem please feel free to contact us as we are only too happy to help.